by Nicole-Marie

Released 2011
Released 2011
Dance song for a night club with strobe lights.
  • 04:16 Lyrics Strobe
    Glimpses of bodies in motion, taste the sweat, what an ocean
    Swaying, posing, feigning sex underneath the strobe effects
    PRE-CHORUS:  Get out on the floor, wanting nothing more
    CHORUS:  Dance underneath the disco globe,
    lights neon, lights that strobe
    Tampering with your temporal lobe
    Flash a smile, let’s your laugh strobe, strobe, strobe, strobe
    Flirting with images, windows of desire
    Open, close, open, close, fuel for the fire

    BREAK (4 measures)
Strobe is a dance song that features Frank Seeberger on electric guitar, Chris Crumpler on drums and Wayne Bliss on bass.

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