Oaths of Abundance

by Nicole-Marie

Released 03/19/2019
Released 03/19/2019
Oaths of Abundance is an album of uplifting and inspirational songs about transcendence, acceptance, unity and finding the silver lining in any situation.
  • 02:57 Story Lyrics Don't Know What It's Called

    I can live through the night
    If you’re there by my side
    I can see you in my life for all time

    And we’ll be so in love
    Everyone will follow us
    Up into the clouds above
    All open up

    CHORUS: And I don’t know what it’s called
    But this feeling is so bold
    I don’t need tears anymore
    But I need love (love, love, love)

    Verse 2: Flying through all the world
    On your wings I have soared
    Up above all the fears
    I no longer want to hear


    (guitar solo)


    END: Yeah, I don’t know what it’s called, maybe love


  • 04:13 Story Lyrics Love Soldiers

    CHORUS:  We will march like love soldiers

    Through the haze, through the fog

    We will march like love soldiers

    Through the dark, through to hearts

    May we speak words of peace

    May we hope eternally

    As we march like love soldiers up towards heaven’s reach


    Verse 1:  Can you march to the beat of your own heart

    As you march to the beat of a collective spark?

    Can you speak your peace with mindful words?

    Can you laugh freely without causing hurt?


    PRE-CHORUS:  We can try to get to the highest of highs if we say goodbye to our lower selves and rise



    Verse 2: Can you set it all free -what’s got you angry?

    Can you let it all be in harmony?

    Can you love your enemies with understanding?

    Can you try to hear me without demanding anything?



    CHORUS (x2)

  • 05:55 Story Lyrics My Inheritance

    She grew up as the poorest on the islands

    Only made it to the 3rd grade in school

    When she made it to the USA with 2 girls and one on the way

    She saw so many things she never knew


    But she couldn’t get a job with her poor English

    So she tried to be the child that she once knew

    By going out ‘til late at night with bingo pads and disco lights

    While dreaming of a better life to brew


    Pre-Chorus:  And I know a thing or two about giving up your dreams

    About always wanting more to feed your family

    About saving face but lacking grace and having nothing to your name

    And the only singing that you do is when no one’s watching you


    CHORUS:  Though you had nothing to leave me

    No money, land or things

    The most precious thing you gave me, the most precious thing I have

    Is the singing voice you gave me, it’s my inheritance


    I realize how confused you must have been

    When in 3rd grade, you would raise your hand

    And the teachers would ignore the girl

    In ragged clothes from the poor world

    Who only learned that she could never ask


    And I can’t imagine how terrorized you lived

    By knowing who would die before they did

    By knowing who was mad or sick, and feeling what was never said

    And most of all, losing one of your kids





  • 03:25 Story Lyrics Multicultural World

    The Asian sky rises high into the Kenyan night

    They’re shining down upon the land of every man

    Tibetan winds are reaching in to jumpstart your enlightenment

    Norwegian winds celebrate the end or our bereavement

    Now I see a multicultural world


    CHORUS:  It’s a multicultural world

    Come with me and feel the breeze

    Of a multicultural world

    So peaceful and forgiving, we’re living

    In a multicultural world


    Verse 2:  And your beliefs don’t torture me

    Or keep me any less free

    With equal rights, we share the night

    And discard all the judging

    As we see a multicultural world




    BRIDGE:  Donning the dawn of inclusivity

    We’ll soldier on but no guns will be carried

  • 03:59 Story Lyrics Dream Come True

    We were kissing by the fire

    You told me I had pretty eyes

    How I miss those summer nights

    Kissing you by the fire


    I remember our first time

    Your hand touched mine, they intertwined

    I still feel the butterflies you gave to me on that night



    Your love was like a dream come true

    And I was so in love with you

    But now that you are with her, dear

    My love is even stronger here


    Verse 2:  I must free the butterflies

    And let your new flame grow and rise

    So this will be my last goodbye

    I’ll bless you both and let go for the last time








    END:  And here it will stay

  • 04:37 Story Lyrics Audience of One

    CHORUS:  Audience of one, let us have some fun, for you’re all I need and you’re all I want

    Audience of one, you shine like the sun, for you’re all I am and you’re all about it


    Verse 1:  They, they will reject me because I follow you

    And they, they will neglect me, they stay away from truth

    And worship their own judgments, create their own conclusions

    Fiercely defend their egos and attacks upon your precious child

    They close their doors, chase with their pitchforks

    Decry the Lord as folklore

    Well, I don’t need them anymore




    Verse 2:  They, they won’t accept me – I’m not made in their image

    I’m not one of their puppets, don’t value their opinions

    I won’t deny my faithfulness in favor of their hatefulness

    Become machine, an ode to me or anything that they decree

    Is worthiness when they know best? They can’t take You away from me

    I choose you over everything







  • 03:32 Story Lyrics Insignificance

    I’m just a drop in the ocean

    No matter what I do, I lose

    With misguided devotion to anything but you


    Pre-Chorus:  I see them getting drunk

    On power, sex and booze

    Believe in self too much

    It seems they are confused


    CHORUS:  Lord, I do pray that I can be different

    Lord, I accept my insignificance

    ‘cause I’m nothing without you

    No, nothing without you

    Want to be all about you

    ‘cause I’m nothing without you

    Lord, I accept my insignificance (x2)




    Pre-Chorus 2:  I see them getting drunk

    On money, looks and youth

    They don’t see their gold is junk

    They think their lies are true



  • 03:12 Story Lyrics Setting Sunlight Free

    Don’t be afraid my love

    Of what you may hear or see

    It’s just me, setting sunlight free


    When you see dragonflies

    When you feel peace

    It’s just me setting sunlight fee


    Don’t forget call upon my love

    When you’re feeling confused

    And place in my hands

    Whatever you can to bless or quell for you


    When you see butterflies

    Feel a slight breeze

    It’s just me, setting sunlight free


    There is more to life my love

    Than all the broken things

    Have faith in today, let love lead the way

    To all that’s meant for thee


    (Instrumental break)


    When you see dragonflies

    Rainbows and butterflies

    It’s just me setting sunlight free


    Yes it’s me, setting sunlight free


    END:  Don’t be afraid my lovelies

All songs on Oaths of Abundance were written by Nicole-Marie. The songs were recorded at Bear Creek Recording Studio in Woodinville, Washington. The album was mixed and produced by Taylor Carroll and mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, Washington. The band The Cosmic Shuffle provided the music for the songs on this album. The song "Love Soldiers" was inspired by The Womens' March on Washington. The song "My Inheritance" was inspired by the death of the singer/songwriter's mother from ALS in 2017. The song "Multicultural World" incorporates ethnic instruments and percussion from around the world including native american flute, kalimba and even a tibetan singing bowl. "Dream Come True" is a song about letting go from a place of love. The song "Setting Sunlight Free" is inspired from Shamanism whereas "Audience of One" and "Insignificance" are inspired by Christianity. "Insignificance" was written to counteract the narcissism that is inherit in today's American culture. “Audience of One” is about being rejected by the music industry for identifying as Christian. Finally, the opening track, "Don't Know What It's Called" is a song about the hope of finding love again. The songwriter started to record Oaths of Abundance after a painful divorce and the recording process was also a healing process in trying to recover from 25 years of narcissistic abuse. Nicole-Marie hopes to inspire people to overcome their hardships in life. She is a cancer survivor, is hearing imparied (at times, legally deaf) and is a survivor of narcissistic abuse.

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