Dream for You

by Nicole-Marie

Released 2013
Released 2013
Dreamy song about letting go from a place of love.
  • 03:36 Lyrics Dream for You
    Every time I'm made to let go of a dream
    I reach for a bigger, better one
    You were my last bigger, better one
    and I don't know what to dream of now
    for me anyhow but
    CHORUS:  I can dream for you that all your dreams come true
    I can dream for you that love and life are good to you
    Out of all these palaces of pain
    comes some life or love lesson gained
    and I just can't, no I can't complain
    'cause I once had you in my embrace
    BRIDGE:  You're happiness is my happiness
    and when you're sad I'll cry for you so you don't have to, oh darling
Written by Nicole J. Barrett
Vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboard by Nicole-Marie
Bass by Wayne Bliss
Electric guitar by Frank Seeberger
Drums by Chris Crumpler
Recorded at Blissman Studios in Tacoma, WA
Copyright 2013
Photo by Sorrelle Bella Photography

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