by Nicole-Marie

Released 2013
Released 2013
Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Uplifting, Inspirational
  • 03:24 Lyrics Amplify
    Get your guitars, get in your cars
    Don’t resist, don’t hold back, lay it all on the line
    The time to amplify has arrived
    Wear what you are, your inner art
    Don’t be afraid to say or show what’s in your heart
    The time to amplify must start
    So, let’s amplify, show we are alive
    Let’s amplify all we are inside
    Let’s amplify standing side by side (‘til the end of time)
    Amplify your life
    Let’s meet again, togetherness
    Can overcome the darkness we have created
    We can always begin again
    The good, the strengths
    The truth, the brave
    The love, the learned
    The Life you earned
    Let's amplify
    Let's meet again...
Written by Nicole J. Barrett
Vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboard by Nicole-Marie
Electric guitar by Frank Seeberger
Drums by Chris Crumpler
Bass by Wayne Bliss
Recorded at Blissman Studios in Tacoma, WA

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