All The Lights Of Heaven

by Nicole-Marie

Released 2007
Released 2007
Spiritual folk rock
  • 03:02 Story Lyrics All The Lights Of Heaven
    You shine with all the lights of heaven
    Divine with all the lights of heaven
    And you bring my thoughts to reason
    And you help me find the meaning
    No there’s nothing left to hide
    Cause in peace we will abide, you’re alive
    You shine with all the lights of heaven
    Combine with all the lights of heaven
    And your radiance has reached me
    And your eloquence beseeched me
    No you’re not just passing by
    Cause there’s no such thing as time
    I’m alive
    You shine with all the lights of heaven
    Divine with all the lights of heaven
    We are gifts unto each other
    Whether friend or foe or lover
    Let us learn more about life
    And where love and truth reside
    We’re alive
  • 03:17 Story Lyrics Christian Child - By You
    Christian child you will always be OK
    You inspire me to keep my hope afloat
    And though these days may be your darkest days
    I was called upon to help you cause I know
    That you carry inside you a flame
    That will never go away

    CHORUS: If you could be my sun
    then I could be your moon
    and I could guide you through the night
    cause I am warmed by you


    Christian child you have found alive
    The warmest part of my heart
    Together we will rise, in each other we will find
    A reminder that our love is where we are


    And that I carry inside me a flame
    That will never ever go away




    By you, by you, by you, by you


    Yes we carry inside us a flame
    Let us carry each other in His name
    Cause no other love is quite the same
    And it’ll never, ever go away
  • 04:59 Story Lyrics White Light
    I'll be sending you white light when you need it
    may this be your white light, may you feel it
    when you're hurt or in pain, when you're lost or ashamed
    may this white light surround you and keep you safe


    Verse 1:  May you be healthy, may you be clean
    may you be happy, may you be free
    all in all may you hold this hand and squeeze as hard as you want to
    and when you fall may you understand that I'll always be here for you




    Verse 2:  May you continue to see the meaning
    make a connection and feel your feelings
    hear the call of my compassion, feel the warmth I am sending
    may it be there to guide you and lead you back to everything serene


  • 04:06 Lyrics Center Of My Love
    Whimsical one, so full of fun, come share the sun with me
    Don't let me down by being less loud
    for you stand for us both when you stand for yourself
    Believe, Achieve


    CHORUS:  There ain't no mistakin'
    My soul is awakin'
    to be the center of my love
    and I know my heart is
    stronger than my hurt is
    I can rise above
    everything, anything


    I look to you to lead me to truth
    to help me find the muse in me
    Maybe one day I'll be less afraid and moments will stay
    such as these, these


    the hurt, the pain, the shallow that remains
    the slips I may make, temptations I may take
    the lashings of the lewd and the fever of the feud
    disappointment, re-assortment of what I once knew
    in me, of me


    END:  Whimsical one, one that I love, you look so much like me

  • 05:48 Story Lyrics Single
    CHORUS:  In my heart there is space for two
    it's no longer a single room and in my dreams I am open to
    heaven's directions coming through
    VERSE 1:
    I used to walk alone with my back to the sun
    always thinking that I was never needing anyone. 
    Still I felt your love shine down to warm my skin
    and I would turn around but I wouldn't let you in


    VERSE 2:
    Now I'm starting to listen and I'm open to the signs
    I've given up control of my life
    And I feel your love shine down and it warms my soul
    Should I stray or turn to go, your love is unconditional


  • 03:20 Lyrics Evidence Of Heaven
    You may say I’m too afraid to ask for my forgiveness
    You may say my faith has fallen and I’ve been pulled into the bitterness
    But it’s not all true at least some of the time
    I want to find the shine
    So I keep looking for
    CHORUS:  (I am my) Evidence of Heaven
    Evidence of grace (you are my)/ Cause I’m your creation
    Evidence of heaven today
    Sunny days, subtle beauty – you have to look to see it
    I’m amazed by the way His art is His creation
    I’m just one of the ones that our God loves
    You too are one I speak of
    And I don’t need any more
    BRIDGE:  I’ll ignore the grime
    Push the grudge aside
    For today there’s only good to find
    And I don’t need any more
  • 03:05 Lyrics Gone Ahead
    You've gone ahead, maybe you'll be the one to greet me
    So far ahead, will you visit me in my dreams
    I didn't say it then but if I said it now
    Well I know that you would hear me
    I want to hear you too to know that you're OK
    and receive insight from divinity
    Could you be my guardian?


    I get so lonely now and then but then again
    I know that you are with me
    guiding me through thick and thin, away from sin
    to open gates where gardens are given
    can you bring me back to living?

    CHORUS (first line only)

Will Reedy: Lead acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, drum programming, and keyboards
Nicole-Marie: Lead vocals, background vocals, piano, keyboards, rhythm acoustic guitar except on Christian Child-By You by Will Reedy
All songs written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Nicole-Marie, Will Reedy, and Aimee' Marmon
Mixed and mastered at Acoustic Chambers in Kent, WA
Album painting by Carmen Rodriguez

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