A Song for Peace

by Nicole-Marie

Released 2011
Released 2011
An anthem about peace.
  • 04:26 Story Lyrics A Song for Peace
    So many angry and bitter words
    So much talent misused
    A position of power abused
    I know you have it in you
    to write
    (Chorus):  A song for peace, a song of love
    A song so we can rise above
    all that's happening, all that we reap
    when we fail to sew a song for peace
    I am of the same disease
    when I sometimes fail to see
    from another's point of view
    but at least I am open to
    To understand should be high in demand
    To be for peace instead of being angry
    As long as we try to cradle light in this night and write
This song was inspired by the rapper Eminem. It is a call to songwriters to write more peaceful songs. Recorded at Blissman Studios in 2011, this song features Frank Seeberger on electric guitar, Chris Crumpler on drums and Wayne Bliss on bass.

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