Trying to Fly

I wrote this poem after watching the footage of 9/11 and hearing survivors tell their stories of that day.  The impact of those images and those testimonies inspired me to write this poem about the choices we are forced to make when our choices are limited.  This poem is dedicated to all those who died that day including the heroes whose jobs led them to their deaths, those who never had a chance at survival and those who chose to jump


 Trying to Fly


Maybe I can fly
Maybe He will catch me
Maybe I will fall through the holes in His hands
Maybe I can be
one with the sky
for one last time
Maybe I can fly
All I know is I don't want the same fate
as the horrors I hear, their screams excruciate
and I must find a means of escape
The heat ever rising
The flames terrorizing
Promising to burn me alive as I wait to be saved
Why should I have peace?
Why should I be saved
when so many are suffering, dying all around me?
Why should I be denied a choice
to die by trying to fly?
At least I can die imagining
that I am a bird or an angel with wings
in those last seconds of reckoning
Perhaps someone will find what remains of me
Perhaps this will give peace to my family
All I know is that I can't find a way out of this hell that has found me
other than taking to the sky
Perhaps I'll die in flight
Perhaps the angels will reveal themselves to me
and help me leave my body before it hits the concrete
There is no stairway to life that I can descend
Evil has blocked all exits
except for the last freedom that I now express
as I take this last step from the ledge



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