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The Power of Heart Consciousness  

In this age of Aquarius, we are worshippers of the brain.  A lot of our society is based on scholastic achievement.  Who has the best grades, the best test scores, the best and highest degrees and who is the smartest, brightest and most innovative in our communities?  Who has the highest paying jobs and the biggest and nicest houses and other measures of success as defined by our modern day society?  Jobs or careers in left-brain fields such as science, engineering or medicine are more valued than those in the more right-brain fields such as arts or creative fields.  We believe that the brain is the most important organ in the body and when we are “brain dead”, we are considered dead.  

Some of our biggest fears are being in a vegetative state with little to no brain function, growing old and demented and losing our intellectual capacities, or going “crazy” and losing our minds to severe mental health disorders such as Schizophrenia.  People who have mental challenges or disorders are stigmatized, marginalized, mocked and/or looked down upon in our society.  In contrast, we look up to those who are viewed as more intelligent or smart such as tech big wigs, scientists, those in positions of authority, and doctors and even those, such as politicians, who may use their brains for nefarious aims.  We sometimes wrongly assume that those in positions of authority are more intelligent than us or that they were promoted or assigned to those positions based on hard work or merit.  However, we have to remember that those with more narcissistic tendencies and therefore, have less capacity for empathy, seek out positions of power more readily than the average person in society.  Because they are very gifted at being self-promoting and tend to have less fear and are generally better at risk-taking behaviors, those with more narcissistic qualities are more likely to be in positions of power.  However, there is something to be said for nepotism, favoritism, being compromised, being easy to control and other less-than-ideal factors playing into the reasons behind why people are promoted to positions of power.  

What most of us fail to realize is that the heart is far more powerful than the brain.  According to the Institute of HeartMath in the United States, the heart has its own energy field which generates 60 times more electrical output than the brain.  The heart also secretes hormones along with the pineal gland and pituitary glands in the brain to strengthen our sense of intuition, an inner knowing without necessarily having any evidence to support this knowing.  Most people are socialized to override their intuition with over analysis of the brain.  However, it usually doesn’t work out well to ignore your intuition in favor of analysis even when the intuition doesn’t make “sense” while the analysis does.  Intuitive knowing, after all, is a more advanced state of awareness than thinking is.  In other words, the heart is far more intelligent and wise than the brain when it comes to matters of perception.  There is a saying that goes, “the brain thinks, the heart knows.”  

Did you know that there are more nerves going from the heart to the brain than the other way around?  Did you know that the heart secretes hormones that can cure many diseases, including cancer?  According to a Dr. David Vesely, chief of endocrinology at James A Haley VA Hospital in Tampa and professor at the University of South Florida, heart hormones can kill up to 97% of all cancers in cell cultures within 2 hours.  Abnormal heart rhythms can be triggered by negative or anxious emotional states.  In contrast, one can reinstate more normal heart rhythms with deep abdominal breathing to stimulate a state of calm and by affirmations, meditations, visualizations or any other coping skills that refocuses the body and mind to think more positively and calmly.  Equally important, we should limit our exposure to any television, media or activities that seek to instill fear or division.     

At this time in history, we are more divided than ever.  We are pressured to choose more and more ways to identify ourselves into more and more boxes regarding our sexuality, gender, race, beliefs and ideologies.  We are given 2 sides to choose from whether that be Pro Life or Pro Choice, All Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter, Republican or Democrat.  And those are just a few examples.  All this does us is get us to fight with each other and keeps us all in a lower vibrational state.  It keeps us divided and easier to manipulate by those in power that lack empathy or compassion and whose intellects may be guided by more sinister, narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic motives and agendas.  

It is of utmost importance that we aim to embrace the power of our heart consciousness both individually and collectively.  We must learn to love ourselves and others and be forgiving of ourselves and others.  We must not censor dissenting voices no matter how much we disagree.  We must allow for freedoms of beliefs and ideologies with mutual respect as long as no one is intending harm to others.  David Icke, author of “Remember Who You Are”, writes, “There is a war within most people between their head and their heart, and the head normally wins.  It is time to change that, and in doing so change the world from a prison to a paradise.”

Ways to Achieve Mystical States Without the Use of Mind-Altering Substances 

It is understandable why so many people, in this time in history, would want to enter a mystical or altered state of consciousness.  This is a very difficult time to be alive as fear is fed to us daily through various forms of media, there is more and more pressure to label yourself or choose a side or group politically, sexually, spiritually or culturally.  We are bombarded by too much information and too much stimulation.  

The majority of people who become addicted or dependent or abusive of mind-altering substances are those who have a history of abuse or trauma that keeps them in a fight or flight or depressed state and that they may want continual temporary relief from.  

Many are wondering what the purpose of their lives are and want to experience something richer, deeper and more meaningful than the mundane monotony of everyday life.  We are becoming more and more aware that there has to be something more to life than the worldly definitions of success that are programmed into us from an early age.  

However, there are many people who feel that the use of mind-altering substances is the best, quickest and only way to achieve that mystical state of consciousness.  Most people who regularly use mind-altering substances are looking for a feeling.  That feeling might be anything from escapism to energetic to ecstasy.  

Many are not aware that there are many methods to reaching mystical states of consciousness that don’t have to involve mind-altering substances and the side effects or potential harms that come with them.  So, I wrote this blog to document the other ways one can explore mystical experiences and metaphysical realms without necessarily having to use mind-altering substances.  For example, I have had many mystical experiences in life and I am as square as they come, never having used mind-altering substances for the purpose of entering a mystical state or altered state of consciousness.  I’ve never needed mind-altering substances to find mysticism in everyday life.   So, I have compiled a list of things that have or can lead to a mystical experience that don’t involve mind-altering substances (I put an * next the ways I have entered mystical experiences): 

Kundalini Yoga* (and other forms of yoga) 
Massage* (especially craniosacral massage) 
Reiki Therapy* 
Use of crystals* 
Shamanic drumming* 
Vision quests 
Tai Chi 
Walking a labyrinth 
Many other ways that I may not be aware of yet

Information Wars 

The fact that the world, the USA in particular, is going through information wars has become ever more apparent with recent events from 1/6/21.  I knew that the day was going to be momentous because I knew that there was going to be a rally at Washington DC at the same time as the congressional hearings to certify the electoral college votes.  Sure enough, it was a big day when barriers were breached and things reportedly turned violent.  However, you will get different reports on who breached the barriers depending on who you ask, who you follow, who you associate with and what search engines you use.  For example, The New York Times, a mainstream media outlet, had this headline:

Pro-Trump mob storms Capitol, disrupting electoral count 

Jan. 6, 2021 at 7:44 pm Updated Jan. 6, 2021 at 8:34 pm 


The New York Times


If you use Google as your search engine or even watch the 24 hour news TV channels in America such as CNN (reportedly more liberal) or Fox News (which is reportedly more conservative), you'll get similar stories that suggest that Trump supporters are brainwashed or "idiots" or extremists.  Additionally, most of the mainstream media in America suggests that Trump incited anger in his followers as if they have no minds of their own.  And the reports about calls for his resignation were right behind those reports.  

However, if you check out alternative media or use the search engine DuckDuckGo, you may find testimony from people that were there at the capital stating that there was a smaller group of people at the rally who were different than the rest and these people were the ones to breach the barriers and taunt the police.  Some reports suggested that Antifa members or members of the Proud Boys were the ones that represented this smaller group at the capital that day.  Here's an example from the website The Independent:

Proud Boys boast they caused 'absolute terror' during Capitol riot 

The group says it intentionally dressed in black on the day of the riot 

Graig Graziosi


Either way, it's important to try to get both sides of an issue before reacting, cutting off friends or family who are Trump supporters or Anti-Trump, or spreading more information or misinformation.  There is a thing called "controlled opposition" which is a way of getting us to fight with each other in order to keep us controlled, distracted and at a lower vibrational state.  It is important that we do not give into these attempts to divide us.  It is also important to take into account that propaganda is alive and well in America through Operation Mockingbird and other attempts to keep us mind controlled and enslaved.  It is becoming more known that the same few conglomerates own all of the media outlets in the press.  It is also becoming more known that both the Pentagon and the CIA teamed up with Hollywood to release films that are propaganda such as Zero Dark Thirty.  

Critical thinking is becoming a no-no in American institutions such as the primary and secondary and higher education systems.  It's even a no-no to go against the grain in established institutions such as the health care system in America.  Any doctor or health care worker that doesn't go along to get along and support the official narrative will get fired and then blackballed.   

Controlling what information we get and what information we don't get is one way to control our perception and run a smear campaign against anyone of the cabal's choosing.  Ever since Trump won the election in 2016, there has been a massive smear campaign against him and anyone who follows him.  But most people aren't willing to even enter an intelligent debate or consider a different point of view.  He has now been banned from Twitter.  So has much respected people who are affiliated with him such as General Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.  Well, if the president of the United States can be silenced and censored, that anyone can be censored.  

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have gone about the business of censoring anyone who challenges the official narrative about COVID, about Trump, about the 2020 election, etc.  Strong alternative media influencers such as David Icke, Jamie DeLux, and Sacha Stone, just to name a few, have been banned, demonetized, or lost followers on their online platforms.  So has anyone who says anything against the official narrative.  They are all pretty much dismissed as "conspiracy theorists."  So a critical thinking question:  Why is this?  In David Icke's book, Remember Who You Are, he writes, "The 'revolutions' are manipulated through a complex web of foundations and organisations working with other groups and agencies, including the CIA and Mossad.  The Open Society Institute and other (Georg) Soros-connected groupings funded and trained Georgian students in the art of mass protest, and financed the opposition TV station that encouraged demonstrations."  Of course, if you quote David Icke at all, you are "dismissed" as a "conspiracy theorist" by anyone not willing to employ critical thinking.  

There was a doctor, Stella Immanuel, who was championed by Trump and who said that she had successfully treating COVID19 with HCQ.  Well, she was slandered, called "crazy" by people in positions of power, including Biden, and this information about HCQ was belittled and ridiculed and suppressed.  If you look up information on her on social media, she is described as a witch doctor who talks about spirits.  God forbid anyone talk about spiritual matters, especially if you are a doctor.  That is considered a big No No.  Now that the vaccine has been rolled out, however, there are studies that are showing HCQ to indeed be effective in treating COVID19.  Think of all the lives that could have been saved if this information wasn't suppressed in the first place.  So again, you have to ask yourself:  why is it okay for this information, about HCQ as an effective treatment for COVID19, to be out there in the mainstream media now that the vaccine has been rolled out?  

I do know from personal experience that many anti-vaxxers are being attacked and belittled and ridiculed.  If you don't go along with the official narrative or popular opinion, you are danger of losing your job, adversely affecting your schooling and ability to find work, being censored, and/or being ostracized from your family, your coworkers, your friends, your platforms on social media and your reputation and standing in society.  

Most people are only willing to view or watch media that supports their political leanings, spiritual beliefs and values.  They are not open to viewing what "the other side" thinks or beliefs.  I know that I have attempted to stay open to both sides of an argument and finding out what each side is saying before making a decision on where I stand on an issue.  I watch Fox News and CNN.  I look into alternative media sources as well.  I find it interesting that I find things out on alternative media much faster and sooner than I do on mainstream media or what is reported on alternative media never makes it to mainstream media at all.  I consider myself to be an independent when it comes to politics with no loyalty to any group.  So I challenge you to check out the content on these websites that might offer new ways of thinking about our current political landscape.  It is important for us, as a humanity, to aim for fluidity of thought instead of just accepting what we've been told.



2021 – The Year of Maturity  

Most would agree that 2020 has been a year from hell and most are anxious for 2020 to be over. These last 2 months of 2020 are going to be very stressful with the pandemic and the election. The number of COVID cases is reportedly increasing and some states have already begun their second shutdown which of course affects the economy and the livelihood of many. This second shutdown also affects our ability to worship with fellowship or gather with our loved one during the holidays. Some would say that this has been the plan all along: to keep us at a lower vibrational state. The energy and power vampires can then feed on our negative energies – fear, drama, confusion, anger, and sadness. As a mental health care worker, mental health issues have increased at a dramatic rate, more than I have seen in the last 20 years of working in the mental health field. People are more suicidal, addicted, depressed, anxious, angry, having more relationship issues and there is an increase in domestic violence and child abuse as well, due to us, as mammals, not having space and being cooped up and trapped at home. Some people have had and still have “election anxiety” and other have “COVID anxiety.” Some believe that the pandemic was the result of biological warfare and some specifically believe that the pandemic is the handiwork of the USA democratic party’s attempt to increase mail order ballots in this election which reportedly resulted in massive voter fraud. There is a constitutional lawyer, Ivan Raiklin, who is projecting that the final electoral college results will be: Trump 305 and Biden 233 when all is said and done with the legal processes, recounts and voter fraud corrected. It does seem odd and fishy that Biden and Harris gave immediate victory speeches based on the mainstream media’s declaration of their victory rather than wait, as Bush did (for nearly 40 days) in the 2000 presidential election, for the legitimate counts and or recounts to be concluded. It’s very odd how CNN, known as a liberal media outlet, is reporting on Biden’s cabinet appointments already and defaming Trump and ignoring any stories of voter fraud while confidently confirming Biden’s victory while Fox News, known as more conservative media outlet, is heavily covering the stories about voter fraud. Well, I guess that’s not all that surprising. If Trump does get elected to a second term, it is likely going to be complete pandemonium and there will likely be protests, riots and looting going on in major “liberal” cities such as Portland or Seattle. There may be civil war or the start of a second American Revolution or even World War III. I work with both Trump supporters and Biden supporters. Trump supporters are typically in the closet because they don’t want to be accused of being racist or homophobic. Biden supporters have expressed fear of being “hate crimed” or their government dependence (whether monetary like SSDI or SSI or with regards to healthcare like Medicare/Medicaid) being disrupted if Trump wins. Biden supporters may also believe that Trump and/or Republicans in general don’t care about the environment. Certain Trump supporters, though not all, have expressed fear of the New World Order aka socialism, loss of personal freedoms and liberties, and any triumph of a possible Satanic or Luciferian agenda that the “Biden crime family” or “deep state” may be involved in. Then, there’s the QAnon movement which believes that Trump is going to save us, overturn the “demonic” democratic party and their “evil” schemes, is working on behalf of the Christian God, and that JFK Jr is still alive. This reminds me of the story from the bible where the people asked for a king to rule over them. Perhaps, we the people would be okay without a “king” or “president” to lord over us. Whatever the case, it is the hope of many that 2021 will be a better year for the people of the United States of America. And from many of the prophets and psychics that I follow, it promises to be just that. The economy WILL improve. We will mature and “grow up” emotionally and spiritually as a people in 2021. It might not happen at the beginning of 2021 but we will, for the most part, raise our vibrational states by the end of 2021. So have hope, have faith, and think and believe and do uplifting things. Strive for fluidity of thought in trying to see the other side and the other person’s beliefs. Don’t give in the “controlled opposition” and attempts to get us to fight with each other and accuse each other and take a side. When you find yourself falling into despair, anger, fear or any of the lower vibrational states, find a way to find a silver lining, a lesson, a way to move forward and a way to believe in higher things. Attempt not to rely on your own understanding of things. There is always more than we can perceive. We are never done growing…

Vampiric Entities aka Energy Vampires 

For me, it is difficult to talk about energy vampires without talking about empaths.  What is an empath?  An empath feels the pain of others, absorbs and transmutes the negative energies of others (which can result in physical illness) and then emits a purified energy back out into the atmosphere.  “Their energy field quite literally goes into the body of another and feels what’s going on,” according to Christiane Northup, MD and author of the book Dodging Energy Vampires.  This is an excellent book that everyone should have a copy of.  I have included important points in quotations from Dr. Northup’s book throughout this blog on energy vampires and their opposites, empaths.  

“As an empath, I mistakenly believed that everyone shared the same empathy and compassion that I have.  I assumed that no matter how much harm someone was causing to their families or colleagues that deep down, in their heart of hearts, they were good people who meant well.  […]  It never occurred to me that there are people who are actually predators – who prey on the agreeableness, trust, goodwill, openheartedness, and resourcefulness of others.”  

“The thing about energy vampires is that they target the people who are most likely to put up with their tactics – and those people are empaths, because we have extremely high levels of compassion and empathy.”  

“As an empath, you have special gifts that bring light to the world.  Your compassion and empathy are healing salves for the people around you and the planet itself.  You were not put on earth to be the energy source of a vampire.  You are here to bring your light to the world.”  

“…an energy vampire relationship is based on careful manipulation.”  “Energy vampires keep energy coming their way by masterfully playing into the wounds of the people around them.  The empath, then, is a special target for the energy vampire because the wounds in their lives go so deep, which means they are easier to manipulate.  The energy vampire hooks into the empath using that I call ‘malignant intuition.’”  

“…the vampire is initially very supportive of your goals and dreams.”  Eventually, however, they criticize your hopes and dreams and belittle you and emotionally abuse you. 

“If there were no drama, the energy vampires would have to look at the spiritual side of life.  But they are afraid of it.  Trauma and Drama are comfortable.”  

“Empaths, on the other hand, generally have a very solid relationship with God and their faith in a Divine Source.  We feel bad for those who don’t, and we’re eager to share that deep and abiding faith with another.  But they don’t want to do the work of contacting that Divine within.  They’d rather just get a hit of our energy to keep them afloat until the next time.  And if we don’t recognize our own role in keeping this drama going – which is attempting to be their Higher Power by being available all the time and having all the answers – then we risk losing ourselves and enabling them to stay stuck.”  

Another term for energy vampires is “narcissists.”  Sociopaths and psychopaths are also narcissistic.  You may have heard the term “narcissistic supply.”  Ms. Northup defines narcissistic supply as “the ‘blood’ that manipulative people suck out of empaths.  Vampires manipulate others for this narcissistic supply, which comes in the form of attention, money, sex, and status.”  

“Vampires will often pick a fight if things are going too smoothly, just to get a hit of energy.  It doesn’t matter if the energy is good or bad.  That’s what narcissistic supply is – diverting energy, attention, and money towards themselves, which they do very skillfully.”  

“…the root cause of an individual’s health problems is very often that they are involved with a vampire – either at home or at work.”  

“Labels for the behavioral patterns of vampires include sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, borderline personalities, or people who are prone to antisocial behaviors…” 

“Self-sacrifice and martyrdom have been tools of Darkness used by Darkness in the old energy.  They are tools of enslavement.”  

The above excerpts from Dr. Northup’s book, Dodging Energy Vampires, speak mostly to the idea of energy vampires in third dimensional terms though she does throw in some fourth dimensional ideas as well.  However, I am turning to another book, Reign of the Anunnaki:  The Alien Manipulation of Our Spiritual Destiny by Jan Erik Sigdell, for more fourth and fifth dimensional ideas around energy vampires.  I was blown away by what the author wrote on the subject of energy vampires.  However, the term the author uses in this book is “vampiric entities.”  Below is an excerpt from this book: 

“When an Earth human dies and the soul leaves the body, the life energies in the corpse are also set free.  These energies can be perceived by an entity with a multidimensional consciousness, whether it is incarnated in a three-dimensional body or not, and it can feed on them as well.  This is easier when a human being dies from violence, since the body is still ‘fully charged.’  When a person dies from old age or disease in an ailing body, there is almost no life energy left; his batteries are empty, so to speak.  This is of no interest to vampiric entities.  Furthermore, humans release similar energies when they have very strong negative emotions, especially intense rage, fear, panic, or hatred.  Entities and other multidimensional beings can also feed on such energies, as well as on sexual feelings that have to do with lust but not love.” 

“Positive entities feed directly on the primordial divine light energy of the original Creator, which is the primordial source of all nutrition.  Those, however, who have cut themselves off from the original Creator, like the Anunnaki, cannot do that but feed indirectly from the life energies of other living beings, which have better access to the energy of light.”  

“It is therefore no wonder that beings like the Anunnaki like to see violence among us humans.  They stir up murder and manslaughter wherever they can and thus get access to the life energies that have been released.”  “That also explains the purpose of animal sacrifice and still more of human sacrifice.”  “This offers them a way to the above-mentioned life-prolonging measures.  If the victim suffers in the process, so much the better, because then emotional energies are also set free.”  

A lot of this makes sense given a lot of the wars, protests, and controlled opposition attempts instigated by those in power in recent years, especially in 2020.  Remember to hold the light and not give your attention or focus to anything that stimulates you to embrace lower vibrational states.  There is a reason why lust and violence are promoted in our movies, media, video games, advertisements, and music.  The time is now for us to hold light and create in a higher vibrational way. 

2022: The Year of Truth 

Most in the United States would agree that 2020 has been a difficult year.  Not only it is an election year that seems to be the most emotionally charged presidential election in my life time, but life in the US has really been affected the Corona Virus which has affected not only the physical health of many but also the mental, emotional and spiritual health of a lot of people.   There is a “new normal” of children going to school online, of people working mostly online, of gatherings and ceremonies being cancelled or reduced, of people having to be hospitalized or dying without the ability to see their loved ones and of being afraid of germs or getting sick or giving illness to those you love.  Then, the racial riots began and organizations like Black Like Matter and Antifa became center stage.  There was looting and other forms of civil unrest that resulted from all the tension.  People are being caught in the crossfires of controlled opposition.  We could barely take a breath, before the forest fires in Oregon, California and Washington state caused smoky air that has forced us inside our homes for about 10 days in September.  It’s difficult to not tie all of this upheaval to the fact that it is an election year.  Republicans feel that democrats and the “deep state” are causing all this conflict so that Trump doesn’t get re-elected.  Democrats feels that the Republicans are causing all this conflict to affect the election.  

I’m someone who likes to take a spiritual approach to any situation.  I also follow a lot of psychics online and they ALL say that Trump will get re-elected and I don’t doubt that.  There are a lot of people that I call “Trump worshippers” that feel he is going to save the people of the United States from the “evil” democratic party.  But I don’t think it’s that simple.  I certainly don’t view Trump as a savior of any kind.  Some say that he is getting help from aliens and is saving a lot of children from the tunnels under major cities in the US such as Washington DC and Hollywood.  These children have reportedly been human trafficked and traumatized and abused and reportedly, some of these children have never seen the light of day and have been born and raised underground.  If he is helping these children, then I can forgive a lot of his arrogance and narcissism.  Perhaps, it takes a great deal of narcissism to bring down the whole child trafficking operation of which Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are only 2 players in.  However, some are reportedly saying that he was involved in these evil activities as well.  Certainly, child molesters and abusers fall on both sides of the political aisle.  

There are others who feel that we have a false democracy here in the United States and that it doesn’t matter who we vote for because both major political parties and presidential candidates are working for the same people.  Regardless of what one believes politically, we can all agree that there is a lot of fear and anxiety and anger energies that are keeping the people of the United States of America in lower vibrational states.  Some may say that there is actually an agenda to keep us at a lower vibrational state and hence, this is the reason for all the events of 2020.  This attempt to keep us at a lower vibrational state is an attempt at power and control.  It is easier to control people if they are in a state of fear and anxiety.  It is also easier to keep someone from growing and evolving if they are stuck in lower vibrational states.  It is also easier to keep people from speaking their truth for fear of the repercussions.  

It is certainly difficult to make sense of everything that has gone on in the United States, especially in the “blue”, more democratic states (isn’t that interesting?) since the beginning of 2020.  But I think it is important to stay positive and uplifted while acknowledging the dark truths of what is happening in the United States and in the world at large, at this time in history.  I do believe that a lot of dark truths about children being trafficked and abused and even sacrificed are true despite the majority of US citizens not wanting to acknowledge this heinous reality.  US citizens tend to be pampered and have been groomed to be more easily distracted by TV, social media, movies, materialism, celebrity and idol worship and other forms of mind control.  We tend to only care about worldly events if it reaches our safe little corners of the world.  However, a lot of dark truths are coming to light and have been coming to light since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and “died” and therefore, did not have to face the consequences of his actions.  However, most don’t realize that Jeffrey Epstein was not the kingpin of this child trafficking operation.  There were people above him that he had to answer to.  He also had A LOT of powerful political figures and celebrities on his island that are probably now shaking in their boots because there are reportedly, a lot of sealed indictments and arrests being made at this time regarding this child trafficking operation – only the tip of the ice berg of how dark and how far down the rabbit hole goes.  Some project that the sealed indictments are as much as 40,000 as this many people or more may have been involved on some level or had knowledge of these crimes against humanity.  

So, when are we going to know who these celebrities and political figures are that were or are involved the Satanic and Luciferian activities involving children and other nefarious things?  What is the extent to which children have been trafficked, abused, and killed?  What truth tellers have been assassinated or killed for trying to expose the “cabal”?  How long has this been going on?  Apparently, we are going to know most of the answers to these questions this by 2022, although some of these questions have already been answered but people don’t want to believe it.  I know that when I try to talk to people in my circle of friends and family, they either say, “I don’t want to hear” or label me a “conspiracy theorist” or change the topic of conversation.  

Once 2022 comes along, however, the naysayers will no longer be able to deny the ugly facts that will be played out in a court of law.  Once 2022 comes along, the “conspiracy theorists” will, by and large, be vindicated from all the dismissals, disdain, ridicule and mockery that they have been tormented by since JFK was killed.  Once 2022 comes along, the evil doers will be exposed and held accountable for their crimes against humanity.  I, therefore, call 2022 the “year of truth.”  There has been much talk about the “spiritual war” that is currently going on in the astral planes around planet Earth.  Have faith that good always wins, love always wins.  The spiritual war has already been won.  It just takes 1-2 years for things to show up on this plane of existence.  Try as they may, the evil doers cannot interfere with God’s plans for us to evolve into the new age.  And while, it appears that all is chaos and confusion right now on planet earth, keep in mind that in order for the new to be ushered in, the old has to die and fall by the wayside.    

I would like to give props to the truth tellers of the past that have died trying to get the truth out there including:  Isaac Kappy, Sabrina Bittencourt, Tracy Twyman, Brittany Murphy, Phil Schneider, Seth Rich, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, LeRoi Moore, Princess Diana, and JFK. 

And to those who have died trying to raise the collective vibration of humanity:  John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Martin Luther King Jr. just to name a few.  

I would also like to give props to the truth tellers who are still alive at the time of this writing and who continue to try to get the truth out there despite the ridicule and death threats:  Sloan Bella, Megan Rose, David Icke, Shaun Atwood, Jamie Dlux, Timothy Charles Holmseth, Frank Romanek Jr, Kanye West, Maria Farmer, Whitney Webb, and Randy Quaid. 

Most importantly, I want to acknowledge and honor the memory of children who have died at the hands of the cabal, those children who are still being tortured and traumatized by these evil doers, and those children and adults who are starting to recover from the cabal’s crimes against humanity.  

I’m sure that there are many more people that I’m forgetting to honor or mention at this time.  For all the truth tellers past, present and future, for those who are seeking the truth and in the spirit of truth, I’d like to end this blog with scripture that got me through the mental terrorism and trickery of narcissistic abuse in my personal life.  This scripture inspired me to write a song called “Truth is on its Way.”  I feel that the song was given to me and was written through me rather than written by me.  Both the song and the scripture gave me a sense of peace before the truth was revealed to me about my narcissistic abuser.  And that scripture is:  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”  - Luke 8:17

The Heaven I Hear 

After several years of stops and starts, my memoir, “The Heaven I Hear”, is finally done.  You will be able to read it very soon on any e-reader.  The book chronicles my struggles with hearing loss, my work as a healer and my love of music.  I will provide updates as I receive them from the publishing company.

The e-book will be available at:

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Raise Your Vibration to Make it to the 4th Dimension 

Whenever I learn something of value, I aim to share it with as many people as possible.  Recently, I have read Handbook for the New Paradigm by George Green.  I love metaphysical books and proceeded to read his other two books, Becoming and Embracing the Rainbow.  All three books have been highly inspirational to me and have helped me think about life and the horrors of 2020 in a more enlightened and transcendent way.  So, I wrote this blog quoting a lot of Handbook for the New Paradigm with a lot of my own thoughts and insights mixed in.  Anything with quotes is from George Green’s book other than figures of speech I’ve used in this blog.  

“The ethnic and racial differences between individuals and groups are being stressed and agitated while at the same time you are being forced into a ‘one world government.  It is for the purpose of creating chaos and confusion within the psyche.”  It is ever more important to stay out of “controlled opposition” as much as possible.  Don’t decry those of a different political stance, spiritual belief set, ideology, ethnicity or form of identification.  Try to see our shared humanity and the truth that we are actually all one.  The dark powers that be don’t want us to be united have been too successful at their attempts to divide and conquer.  We now have several different ways to identify ourselves sexually and with regards to gender.  We now have several boxes to choose between when filling out forms that have questions asking about our ethnic or racial identity.  We now have several denominations of even one type of religion such as Christianity.  If we aren’t identifying as “liberal” or a “conservative” or a “Republican” or a “Democrat”, we are labelled as “lukewarm” or “noncommittal” and we don’t have a chance in hell of getting a politician elected that has not bought into the controlled opposition.  

“When a weak link or defection is found or manufactured within the members of their groups, there is almost a feeding frenzy upon that departing energy.  It is far more satisfying to them than the same event happening to one of the uninvolved human beings.”  This reminds me of “conspiracy theories” I have heard about certain celebrities being sacrificed within their own Luciferian or Satanic circles.  Examples include Kobe Bryant, Princess Diana, River Phoenix and a lot of first-born sons of many celebrities.  I don’t think sacrificial offerings are a thing of the past in certain “religions.”  I find it interesting that a lot of celebrities or their family members are dying since the “quarantine” related to Corona Virus started.  It’s almost as if they are upping their offerings and grasping at straws in desperation.  

“Remember they are creating what is not in accordance with the laws of God.  Their concentration is toward containment while your focus is toward rippling outward.”  

“What is wanted here is action, not reaction.  The resort to the use of arms against the plan for overwhelming mankind is doomed from the start.”  “It is imperative that it be understood that armed resistance is futile.” 

“Thought released to act upon itself will return in manifestation glorified and in a form more magnificent than the limited focused mind can imagine.”  “Purity of intent to harmonize as the motive is the primary prerequisite.” 

“Cooperation is a natural phenomenon as long as the need to control is absent.  The need to control is a learned activity that becomes habitual through the experience of it.” 

“Do not allow yourself to dwell upon the horrors of what is planned for you, but turn your thought to what it is that you would prefer to experience.”  

Practice the 4 basic Universal Laws with purity of thought.  They are: 

1.  The Law of Attraction – Like energy attracts more like energy.  Whatever experiences you create for others, you will have to experience.  If you desire something, adding strong emotion to the desire can increase the potential and speed of your desire manifesting.  “There must be an emotional desire to provide the fuel for the movement or change of energy from thought into expression.”  “The vision must be simple to be powerful.”  If you add too much detail to what you are desiring or envisioning, you blocking thousands of avenues of manifestation.  “The Law of Attraction is at the foundation of all other Laws.”  

2.  The Law of Intentional Creation – This is also called the Law of Purposeful Intention and the Law of Intentional Focus.  Hold a desired outcome within an emotional field of energy.  When attempting to create or manifest anything, it is wise to add “of highest and best good for all concerned” to your prayer or manifestation process.  “Requests that include ‘for the highest and best good of all concerned’ invokes a greater wisdom with extraordinary results.” “Using the qualifier ‘help us to help ourselves’ allows the helpers to help from a greater understanding that brings forth results undreamed of by those requesting it.”  A thought held within purposeful intent allows for manifestation.  “The intended thought through vibratory stimulation of it through emotion held firmly in place by commitment brings manifestation.” How to manifest:  “In order to come up with a statement of purpose, the parenting groups must spend personal time visualizing (dreaming) what each can conceive through imagination (going within the mind of God) and then attempting to put it into concise wording.  The process can begin with words, then mental movies, then words again, etc.”  “…begin formulating and dreaming scenarios within your own personal awareness.  This triggers the resonance of the law of attraction. ‘In the beginning there was the thought and the thought became flesh.’” 

3.  The Law of Allowance – Rather than trying to control a person, a situation or an outcome, let it go and allow it to become whenever it was meant to become.  According to George Green, this is the most difficult universal law to practice because of our tendency to want to control things, especially other people.  But we have to realize that everyone is on their own spiritual path.  Some people go in circles and having to learn and relearn the same lessons, sort of like repeating a grade in school over and over again.  We have to accept where people are on their own paths even if that means that we grow apart from them or they hurt themselves in the process.  Practicing the law of allowance involves the discernment of letting go of emotion to see logic.  Once we use emotion to practice the first two universal laws, we have to then let go of that emotion which is very hard for most of us to do.  If we can’t or won’t or don’t do this, the spiritual law of paradoxical intent kicks in and we push away that which we want too desperately.  “Application of the laws of allowance opens the door to experience the flow of creative energy.”  “It is within the law of allowance that it is appropriate to discuss abundance and luxury.”  “Abundance is living within the law of allowance for it allows all to also live in abundance.”  “It is not within the laws to take another’s abundance to add to your own.”  “Cooperation is the keynote and competition is the death knell of progress.”  The Law of Allowance speaks to personal responsibility.  “…one is concerned with the choosing of his/her own experience and is not responsible for the experience of others.”  “Allowance is the most difficult of the laws to be learned at the 3rd dimensional level because of the deeply ingrained need to control.  Control is transcended through the practice of the Law of Allowance.”  

4.  The Law of Harmony and Balance – This is the law that the evil planners and doers of this planet and throughout the universe are forgetting about in their “plot to enslave every man, woman and child in this country” quoting JFK.  JFK reportedly included this comment in one of his speeches 7 days before he was assassinated.  Of course, if you google this quote, it will say that the quote has been “fabricated” by “conspiracy theorists.”  But all major forms of media are owned by the evil planners.  The term “conspiracy theorist” was born out of the JFK assassination to quiet any dissenters of the official story that one man, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed JFK.  According to, the term “conspiracy” is defined as “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more person.”  By this definition, most of us are conspiracy theorists.  Anyone I know who was alive at the time of the JFK assassination, does not believe that only one man killed him.  Because the evil planners’ plans to lower our vibration do not fall within this law of harmony and balance, their plans are doomed to fail.  “…the critical mass point needed for evil intent is different than it is for intent of upliftment.”  “Lowering the vibratory rate is much more difficult than raising it.”  There are many who wonder why “God” allows evil to exist and the answer is “freewill.”  We are allowed to choose to act out of good or evil.  We are allowed to learn our spiritual lessons in our own time.  We were not made to be robots.  Robots are what the evil planners want us to be.  According to Edgar Cayce, we have all had an evil incarnation.  “You are programmed to think that the negative pole is always ‘bad.’ Within the context of the whole this is not true.  There is no electricity (energy moving) without both poles.”  “Within the two foci of positive/negative energy lies the center point of harmony.  This is the goal of all manifested energy, to exist within this harmonious point.”  “Unfortunately some of the predictions that have been made reflecting the plans of the dark side will manifest.  Though they seem to indicate that the situation is irreversible, it certainly is not.” 

Other ways to raise your vibration: 

- Transcend victim consciousness.  “The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull himself up by his own boot straps and rescue himself by being responsible for his own rescue.”  You are complicit in enabling victim consciousness with your sympathy.  “Your sympathy will not solve their misery.”  Instead, choose to “place your intent beyond the play perceived by the 5 senses, and place it instead into the creation of a new experience…”  When you do this, you are “withdrawing your consent and support of the experience in which you no longer wish to participate.”  “The victim attitude is deeply ingrained within humanity as a whole.  It shuts down the light of each child as soon as it is absorbed from the parental attitude.”  “…the moment you are born, you are taught to begin swimming upstream against the flow of creative expansion.”  Instead, “…begin swimming within the expansive flow.” 

- Focus on gratitude.  “God loves a grateful heart.”  

- Ask for assistance from your higher power.  Given that we have freewill, we must ask for help.  It is best to ask for help using the “affirmative prayer” which means “entering into the creative mode that is your pattern.”  

- Focus on planetary gain rather than personal gain.  When you are making an important decision, think about how your decision affects all parties involved and how your decisions, choices, actions and words ripple out to affect everyone in your community, in your country, on your planet and really, in the universe.  “It is the pursuit of the creation of your personal fiefdoms and in the competition to create one of greater opulence and grander physical pleasures that have you trapped.  These are empty promises to fill the void of imbalance that you feel within.” 

- Look for answers within yourself and honor your intuition rather than trying to bypass its wisdom with over analysis.  Don’t look to any kind of authority, whether celebrity, military or government, to tell you what to do with your life.  Don’t give up your own personal volition and sense of responsibility in following “orders” of superiors whether in the family, personal circles, church, workplace, community, country, or world.  You can certainly listen to the suggestions and advice of those who you look up to, but then decide for yourself how to proceed.  In this age of Aquarius, we pay homage to the brain and the mind.  We don’t see how the heart is way more powerful than the brain.  We bypass our intuition with our over analysis.  We prefer to think through a problem than feel our way through a problem.  Those who are sensitive or emotional are seen as “unhinged” or lacking in intelligence.  We revere those who seem cool, rational, logical and unmoved by emotion.  They, therefore, become our leaders, our government officials, and our CEO’s.  We are easily mind controlled by subliminal messages in our media and other forms of manipulation and persuasion.  “The oppressors must work with the levels of the mind while it might be said that we have available the levels of the ‘heart.’  The heart feels.  A feeling can transform the beliefs held by the mind.  When the feeling vibrates within the being at a certain level, it overrides the belief and the being simply tosses it out and follows the feeling to a new conclusion.”  

- Spend time in nature or “off the grid” of the electronic, media and technological forms of influence, mind control and brain washing.  “…there is the moment of now that you experience that is not either past or future.  That is your balance point.  It is your place of rest.”  This can be reached through deep abdominal breathing, meditation, mindfulness, being in nature, or getting away or unplugging from technology and electronic devices.  “In order to live the new paradigm of experience those participating will be required to focus within present time.”  “There was a time as the planet revolved in the cycle of light and darkness, all were active or resting in unison which brought greater balance to the whole.  With the advent of artificial lighting, this balancing pattern is no longer present.”  “Balance is reached through the understanding and practice of the three basic laws of the universe:  attraction, deliberate creation and allowance.”  “When the time arrives for what could be termed the crash of all your systems of communications, utilities and supplies, there will be turmoil and confusion of massive proportions.”  “As our arrogant planners flaunt their methodology before your eyes assuming that sleeping minds have little discernment between programming and entertainment, there is not reason we cannot use this information to our advantage.”  “Movies and television have been their tools of deception.  However, the pictures that are brought forth by the imagination are far more powerful.”  “The current cartoons for children and movies have been provided to repress the inner imagination and stifle the creative instinct.”  “Pictures program the subconscious.” 

- Pray: “I am a human becoming, help me to become.”  “…you give away your power to an ego that does not exist.  Denial is the shield of the empowered Ego that fosters victimhood as a result.  This prayer will end the deification of the ego.”  “The higher the degree of self awareness implies a higher vibratory rate or dimension of experience.”  

- Find ways to unite and recognize the truth:  that we are all one.  “Meet in 3s, 7s and 12s.” “Know that all help possible will be given upon request.”  Do not fall into the “controlled opposition” that is aimed to divide us and get us to argue and debate with each other.  

- Learn the pathology of narcissism, psychopathy and sociopathy.  Learning about those who fall within the “dark triad” of personality will help you recognize who to not enable, listen to or allow yourself to be influenced by.  Often, those in the dark triad, enlist unsuspecting assistants into their plans to control, destroy and smear others.  Of course, even people who seem to be “of the light” may be deceiving you so always consult your intuition if you are not sure of one’s intent.  

- Follow what gives you joy into greater expression.  A lot of people are working their lives away in jobs that do not give them joy or jobs that are, whether knowingly or not, are serving the dark forces of this world or are stifling the creativity or spiritual growth of others.  A lot of people are in traumatic work situations or are working just to pay off debts, put their kids into college, pay the bills or just survive.  But their occupation gives them no joy and in fact, may rob them of their joy or life force.  Many teenagers and young adults are being pressured by their education systems and families to get good grades and get into good colleges and get degrees in order to get high paying jobs and to choose a profession even though they don’t know what they want to do with their lives yet.  They are being sold on the myth that this pathway is what makes one happy in life.  This pathway is:  do good in school, go to a good college, get a degree, get a high paying job, get a house and car, get married and have kids, retire and travel and/or spend time with your grandchildren.  While this route may be part of the spiritual path of some, it is not the spiritual path of others.  If what you truly love to do doesn’t fall within societal or family expectations, do it anyway as long as it brings no true spiritual harm to others.  

We are caught in a rat race, on a hamster wheel.  In our frenzied busyness, we are distracted from evil intent and actions.  We are oppressed with debt in our attempts to survive in ever more expensive world.  This leads some to hopelessness, a feeling of despair that we cannot even afford to live.  Some of us become dependent on the government, whether we have aimed to do so or not.  George Green says, “You have your addictive paycheck system to depend upon, along with Social Security.”  Those who try to be independent of the government, such as the self-employed or owners of small businesses, are made to suffer and penalized in various insidious ways for their attempts to dare to be free of the oppression.  “The accumulation of wealth is motivated by the desire for protection which is based in fear of what the future may hold and fed by the empowered ego through competition.” 

More Advice and Insights from Benevolence: 

“… stand forth in determination to detach from emotion of overwhelm and to observe from a space that is beyond the reach of the control techniques.”  

“It might be appropriate to define mantra.  It is a short series of sounds or words that brings about balance within what you call the subconscious awareness.  Often the sounds are from ancient languages that are not consciously understood, but resonate at the DNA/RNA level of the body bringing about change in an outward flowing manner.”  

Regarding those of evil intent, “…they have studied you well.  Every weakness is known and is being exploited for their purposes.  However, their focus was upon inducing your cooperation rather than resisting them until it is too late for you to do so.  They carefully laid plans to overwhelm you both sensually and physically.”  

We are programmed to idolize fame and fortune.  “Your heroes are all well paid sports or movie stars.”  “Your movie star heroes are drugged and adulterous in open display along with your presidential movie star.”  

“Remember if you can be held at the lowest level of your dimension, you cannot take advantage of the dimensional leap at the shift of the cycles, but can instead be taken to an even lower level of vibration.  At that point it is their intention to separate the soul energy from the body.”  

“Thought provides the mobility that allows Creation to flow into manifestation.  Thought has the potential of thinking within and upon itself.  This is another way of describing Freewill.”  

“Through long planted misinformation by the religions on your planet, you think of the focused assistance as coming to you from the outside.”  “…the flow of creation is from the inside out.  It is an expansive process.”  

“The normal vibratory rate of a human body has been determined to be between 62 and 68 MHz.  The brain functions optimally between 72 and 90 MHz.  When the body vibration lowers to 58 MHz, it can ‘catch a cold’; at 57 MHz the flu; 55 MHz candida; 52 MHz Epstein Barr; 42 MHz cancer and at 25 MHz death begins.”  “Allopathic medicine (a misnomer), chemical prescriptions, lower the MHz of the body.  Radiation from TV and computer screens lower the MHz, and consuming processed and canned foods, which have 0 MHz to support the body, continue the process.”  “When your brain wave is 90 MHz or less, you are unable to tune your radio like brain to universal flow and receive the keys to the mysteries of galactic intentional focus.”  

Therefore, one should aim to eat whole foods, have a plan to get off prescription drugs if able or don’t get on them in the first place, disengage as much as possible from electronic devices, and seek out naturopathic doctors or other healers that don’t rely mostly on prescription drugs to treat various ailments and conditions.  If you are going to partake of the allopathic medicine model, balance it with alternative medicine, healing methods that have been suppressed from the indigenous healers, and adjunct therapy modalities.  

With regards to food, Mr. Green recommends that one try to cut out caffeine, carbonation, over cooked foods and consider more raw foods or foods cooked over shorter periods of time.  He further states, “Over eating causes the body to use its energy digesting rather than using it for more productive modes.  Smaller amounts of nourishing foods allow the body to use its available energy in other activities and to possibly require shorter sleep periods.”  “Also, the use of the sugar substitute […] is slowly destroying the ability of the brain to function as it destroys the nerve endings.”  “Further, low fat/high sugar bearing carbohydrate diets are starving the brain cells.  All of this is part of the plan, remember they understand the functions of the physical body well enough to be able to develop techniques to weaken the connection of the being to its vibratory source in hopes it can be broken at their moment of choosing.”  

“Within the holographic process is the element of maintaining the focus to enable manifestation to complete its intended cycle.  The focus of thought is maintained for long periods of time (…) by setting the vibratory oscillations within a range that emanates sound.  This is duplicated in crude form by your music.  In purity it can be grasped as being of a crystalline bell like quality.  Tibetan bells give you an inkling of the reverberations that continue for long periods of time, beyond what the human ear can hear.”  “There is present within each galaxy a continuous melody of bell like sounds which is perceived in part by some and referred to as ‘the music of the spheres’ which is a perfect description.”  “Earth is at the moment quite out of tune.  Contemplate the resonance of the crystalline music of the spheres and then think of punk rock.  That might be thought of as the resonant sound of the planned new galaxy.”  “This is the reason that rock music is so destructive to the balance of the young people.  It is designed to be unbalanced and discordant in its basic construction.  It reflects outward the inner imbalance of its composers and it enhances chaotic tendencies with in the psyche of those spending long and frequent time listening to it.  The bridge for this phase from romantic sexually stimulating music was the Beatles.  Their early music contained melodies with a lessor amount of distortion as is demonstrated by the orchestral versions.  It did however open the door for the more destructive distortions that inevitably followed.  Again all part of the plan to slow and hold down the human vibration.”  

George Green talks about the “volunteers” as has Dolores Cannon and other metaphysical speakers and authors.  “These are souls that are volunteering to be here for the benefit of this planet and these beings have incarnated here for the purpose of experiencing the next rising or at the least to assure its success.” Dolores has referred to the “three waves of volunteers” in her writings.  The volunteers are sometimes referred to as “lightworkers.”  Mr. Green writes:  “These volunteers are numerous and await the triggers planted within their awareness to remember their roles.  The time has come for this to begin!”  If you are a healer, speaker, writer, psychic, creative or educator in any way, you might be one of these volunteers or lightworkers.  We came here to help out humanity, to help as many as possible transcend to the 4th dimension.  However, we came to Earth at a cost, at a risk and some of us have succumbed to the lower vibrational states here on Earth, also called “the prison planet.”  

“Each of you has programmed within the deep levels of your awareness the memory of the purpose you came into this lifetime to accomplish.”  “When the focus is on reacting to what is perceived as imminent danger, then momentum is lost.”  

“Even people who have heard and consciously rejected the information reflect a degree of light and it remains waiting to fully reflect.”  

You may have heard that there is spiritual war going on right now.  There has been lots of talk about this.  It is important to realize that the old must be released in order for the new to be ushered in.  And the process of releasing the old can look like chaos and confusion.  Have faith and have hope.  Things happen on the astral plane a year or so before we see it on the earth’s 3rd dimensional stage.  And remember, “…God’s plans cannot be thwarted.”  

“This is the mission you have literally trained yourself to take part in, so don’t drop the ball now.  There is nothing more important in your current realm of experience.”  

Again, everything that in quotes is from George Green’s book Handbook for the New Paradigm, other than euphemisms and figures of speech.  Though I have shared a lot here from George Green’s book, Handbook for the New Paradigm, I don’t think he will mind because my intent is to get the message out, not to claim any glory for myself.  Besides, Mr. Green writes, “Egos must be in their observer states for the credit of writing will go to no one individual.”  Additionally, I highly suggest reading George Green’s other two books, Becoming and Embracing the Rainbow.  These books have been life changing for me.  I thought my chance to go to the “New Earth” had been missed and I had other existential and spiritual questions and concerns.  These three books by George Green answered all my existential questions and inspired me to remain transcendent at this very difficult time in Earth’s history.  May you be inspired as well… 

“Sometimes it is necessary for darkness to descend before people can become aware of a light that has been shining all along.”